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Alternative Energy

Alternative energy has been a hot issue for the last decades as people get aware about the damaging effects caused by the usage of conventional energy i.e. fossil fuel. The effort to produce conventional energy has caused serious damage to nature resources i.e. soil, water and air pollutions. More serious lethal threat to human kind is the forming of glass house effect in the atmospheric layers which is the starting point to cause the global warming.

We are all aware by now that both poles of the earth which were supposed to be the centre of coldest temperature areas as main sources of the natural biologic cycles have been ruined. The gigantic icebergs are keep on melting one after another which at first nobody would pay enough attention on what is going on. There are environment care communities like Green Peace who never stop reminding everybody on earth about the fact. Unfortunately after so many efforts to save the earth by recommending to limit the mining and start to use alternative energy, the voice is like a sound which echoed in a well of silence.

People keep on exploiting the nature resources without logic consideration, far exceeding the limit to keep the balance of nature system. The result is we have temperature increment constantly every year and the fact is nobody would care about how cool the air was in the last decades when Amazon was believed to have Tarzan living in it.

The uncontrolled technology progress in every sector of modern life has triggered more severe and faster damage to the environment. Which is for the same reason: because conventional energy is being used which produce hundred of Tons pollution to the air, water sources and soil. Indeed a lot of scientist groups have suggested to use alternative energy in the production lines because it is considered to be welworth between the investment to produce it versus the output.

The thing is it seemed that nobody would listen to it until the late years when things has gone too far and life inconveniences take place because of the overuse of natural energy source, people just realized that it is all true. And the use of alternative energy is started now. Better late than never and everybody have paid too much to hear to the nature call.

  • Alternative Energy Solution

You can participate the world program to save this life as you want to consider the next generation’s life need. It is amazing as soon as you realize that by saving say 50 Watts of electricity energy in your house for ten hours every day then you have saved a lot of energy conservation. How is that ? Do remember there are billions of people as conventional energy users around the world.

If everybody do the same thing then you can start playing around with the figure of 50 Watts x 2,000,000,000 = … Watts = equals to hundreds maybe thousands of trees that should be cut or die because of very bad air pollution and global warming. And that is within one day only, right ? While to start switching to is not as difficult and as complicated as you may be worried before.

In developed countries there are green energy companies which can supply their product to your house. You can let their experts to take care of the technical things i.e. all you need to do is to ask for a comparison chart of how you may benefit from the alternative energy usage.

Today’s internet technology has facilitated the unbelieveable information traffic in every second of time. Not many of us to consider that internet technology itself is a major alternative energy since it becomes a daily consumption now. For those of you who were born before the internet was born then you want to compare how much energy was needed to have a piece of paper to write a letter on it, get a stamp, drop it in the mailbox at the post office or at the nearest one on your street.

A car is to collect thousands of paper letter everyday before they are manually sorted at the post office, delivered and distributed by postmen all around the world. Do you notice the total cost of energy dan time consumed for a piece of paper to reach its destination just to convey your messages ? You can deliver thousands of time more messages at almost no time at all. At earlier decade your paper letter may reach the other half of planet earth within some 3 days by air mail. And now you can send it within a fraction of a second.

  •  Alternative energy revolutionary

The world is changing right before our eyes so you deserve to be the first generation in using revolutionary alternative energy sources. You can become one of the pioneer to save your local environment which in a wider scope is to save everybody else by conserving the life cycle. You want to start by telling your closest persons about this alternative energy. As it is quite interesting to understand that within this super internet information technology you cannot expect a person to know everything he needs to know. Most people you are talking to might heard about alternative energy and that’s it.

They need you to complete the information chain that they can start using it in their daily lives. For instance by start chaning their conventional light bulbs into LED based ones which have proven to save a lot of electricity consumption. That would be a good start you can do while to message them to do the same to their links. A good save energy light bulb would really save your expense which can be as much as 80% on electricity alone. The investment would means nothing at the end of the day when one save energy bulb equals to at least a dozen of conventional ones. The thing is now we are to go further by saving the energy sources itself by start using alternative energy

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